Associated data generator

padtool is an aggregator of your radio data and generates visuals for your DAB+ and online listeners
Build & Design


Display information about your radio station such as the current title, programme, weather and more...

padtool helps you interact with your listeners, in DAB+ and DNS (internet)

Why padtool?


We highlight your station, generating visuals with your content in its colours.


No matter the format, padtool is able to aggregate your station information in multiple formats (JSON, XML, text file, IceCast, or from your automation software among others…)


padtool takes care of generating your DAB+ and RadioDNS compatible visuals, and sends them to your broadcast provider.


padtool is constantly evolving. New features are included as soon as they are released (or as an option, depending on the subscription chosen)


No installation on your server required. We take care of everything, providing you with a back-office to configure your instances.

Help & Support

We accompany you in the use of padtool: from the configuration to the complete customisation of the visuals, adapted to your needs.


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