PadTool is a generator of associated data (Slideshows and RadioText) for PAD (Program Associated Data) encoders.

PadTool is able to aggregate your station data and generate RadioText (DLS+) from this information. It also generates Slideshows (SLS) with fully customisable themes.

Why PadTool?

This is part of a general observation in view of the stations that can be received today in France: the associated data, provoking interaction with the user, are largely under-used unlike some of our European neighbours.

PadTool aims to:

  • Aggregate the different information of a radio station to simplify the generation of this data.
  • Make this accessible to both small and large structures.

Main features

  • Reads input JSON, XML, plain text, Icecast and other files/sources containing information about the content broadcasted on your radio station.
  • Produces DLS+ files
  • Generates DAB+ compliant Slideshows (SLS) in JPG format with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and no more than 16kb per file
  • Customisable via backoffice
  • Fully customisable RadioText (DLS+)
  • Possible generation of Slideshows (SLS) with the radio’s logo.
  • Possible generation of Slideshows (SLS) with artist, title and cover
  • Automatic cover search
  • Customisable colours and themes

Optional additional features

  • Weather Extension: Current weather with 3-day forecast
  • Shows Extension : Visual of the current show as well as upcoming shows.
  • RSS Extension: Displays data from your website (news feed…)

Overview of generated SLS Slideshows