Fabien Cuny

Auto-entrepreneur in the field of IT development related to radio, more specifically DAB+.

Who am I ?

Passionate about IT (and electronics) development from a very young age, I made it my job, and I am now a software development project manager in a large automotive product manufacturing group.

One of my other passions that has followed me since my youth is radio; both in the spirit of designing it, and all the technical achievements that may result from it. FM/DAB+ transmissions or receptions in DX are also included.

This micro-enterprise allows me to combine my two passions: computer development and radio.

Management of associated data

I started developing an open-source tool named PadTool mid-2019. PAD stands for Program Associated Data.

This tool allows the generation of visuals (SLS) that can be displayed on the receivers of your listeners. This version offers the display of information such as the title broadcasted (artist, title and cover) in the colors of your radio.

This can be enhanced by using plugins, with the display of a visual of the current program and/or the content of your program schedule and/or the weather forecast, for example.

PadTool also allows the management of DLS (for Dynamic Label Segment, the equivalent of radio-text in FM) by displaying the current title, the name of the radio station as well as its slogan.

Since 2022, I have provided a back office where the various radios can configure their SLS and DLS themselves. This is easier for people who are not familiar with software development or who do not want to enter lines in a configuration file.

I can assist you in setting up this tool: from configuration to complete customization of the visuals, adapted to your needs. Feel free to contact me.